Angels The Costumiers. Costume suppliers to the entertainment industry, film, television and theatre, photographic, pop promos.

Our craftsmanship is second to none.

Subtle details are crucial to our work. Quality and accuracy can never be sacrificed; this is a firm rule that applies to any costume; be it a single item or clothing for a cast of thousands. The same level of service and attention to detail is applied to everything we do.

Angels costumiers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about their craft. They can help with the selection, sizing, preparation and packaging of the most exacting of costume requirements.

Tailors and Dressmakers faithfully reproduce the original cut of garments so that the authenticity of a costume is guaranteed.

An unparalleled stock combined with a dedicated and enthusiastic staff, an attention to detail and competitive pricing makes the Angels standard very hard to measure up to.

One of our dedicated costumiers
Hire Department

Costumiers from all departments source, prepare and accessorise costumes, saving designers valuable time and the production money.
A friendly, professional service in a great atmosphere ensures the perfect final result.

skill, speed, flexibility and absolute authenticity

The transition from design to finished garment is accomplished with a mixture of skill, speed, flexibility and absolute authenticity.
Authentic construction and modern comfort are carefully balanced when creating any costume.

our wigs are traditionally made to incredibly high standards

Wigs are still made by hand in the traditional way. The Angels Wig Department holds fantastic stocks of wigs and hairpieces that are available to hire, spanning all periods. Wigs are supplied dressed to exacting specifications or made to order, using the finest human hair.

Accessories and Jewellery
jewellery adds an extra dimension to the craft of creating a character

These departments stock a large range of original, Period and Contemporary pieces. The finishing touches provide authentic detailing for any costume regardless of period or dress.

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