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Angels Retro Sale Fashion items from the 1950s - 1990s plus a selection of high-quality military and civilian uniform items

Saturday 6th February 2010

Angels opened the doors to its Wembley warehouse once again to give fashion enthusiasts the chance to update their wardrobes with vintage fashions from the 1950s - 1990s and original uniform clothing at bargain basement prices.

Over 25,000 items of clothing and accessories were on sale at this fantastic one-day event, which followed up the success of 2008's Big Vintage Clothing Sale and 2009's Uniform Sale, both of which saw thousands of eager shoppers file through the doors in Wembley. The Retro Sale featured fashion items from the 1950s all the way through to the 1990s, including suits, skirts and blazers from the 1980s; 1970s coats, trousers and dresses; 1960s coats and skirts; and vintage handbags. There was also one room devoted to a selection of high-quality military and civilian uniform items including military overcoats, jackets and capes.

Hey Emma,

Great job today. Did I see you? Someone waved at me on the way out but not sure if that was you hmm! I went crazy for the Parisian Military stuff and spent over a 150.

Not trying to sound pretentious but I'm not really used to queing up, so for me this wasn't so bad, although the weather was a little insane and I forgot my gloves!

Must be the most well behaved crowd I've ever seen in Wembley!

I got to the location about 8.45, lined up got in before 10, and was there till about 2, and most of my craziness was spent on the floor working out which jacket was either too small or too big for my non soldier like arms lol.

Hehe, I'd like to wish you guys and girls a great weekend rest, I am forever exhausted! A thoroughly exceptional sale, with friendly stewards, a well behaved crowd and a largely organized warehouse! Hope the next one will be just as fun, with even 'warmer' weather!

Guy (via Facebook Event Page)

Wow, I came home about half an hour ago, and I got some awesome stuff :D

All needs a bit of washing, one cute dress just needs the strap adjusted

I'm glad I queued early! I was not too far from the building and it was so much fun

Sarah (via Facebook Event Page)

I got a few very cool hats and waistcoats plus a great French army jacket.

Missed out on a topper but made up for it with my best buy - clown shoes! They're a bit duffed-up but nothing a bit of superglue and a damp cloth can't fix.

I even got a free gift! Result!

:-) Steven (via Facebook Event Page)

Im so happy, managed to get 5 shirts and two bags, a skirt, a pair of gloves and two blets in my 20 bag.

I got their at 8:20 and left 10:30ish and made 3 new friends :D


Susanna (via Facebook Event Page)

I got 6 shirts, 2 aviator caps, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 handbags, a duffel cape and a furry military bag, ohhhhhh yeah

Toby (via Facebook Event Page)

I arrived at the queue about 7:30am after catching a 5:15 rail replacement bus, a train and 2 tube trains.

I kept to the uniforms and hats areas and got 2 great coats, a nurse's cape, a string of belt pouches, 3 separate belt pouches, two pairs of braces, a collasible top hat that needs a bit of repair to reattach the brim but is otherwise in pretty nice condition, a black bowler hat, a black flat hat sort-of like a boater, a police woman's helmet (I think), a green officer's miltary peaked cap, a beret, a german soldier's hat with warm ear flaps, another army cap, 7 ladies hats mostly early styles and most needing repair, and a white pith helmet that got white over half my other stuff!

And all those hats fitted into just one 50 bag! Other stuff took another 2 50 bags as greatcoats = bulky.

There were also a grey top hat and a green Kapis that I had to put back and I was tempted by the big fur-covered bags in the uniform area ran out of room.

Jo (via Facebook)

I had a great time! It was like playing in a massive fancy dress box.

Got there just before 9 and only took an hour to get in, which I didn't think was too bad.

We picked up:
7 hats
3 pairs of shoes
1 pair of boots
2 coats
1 t-shirt

all in 3 small bags. Brilliant!
Becky (via Facebook)

Thank you Emma, and all the lovely staff at Angels - It was great! Special thanks to everyone shopping too! xxx *Gives big round of applause.*

Silver (via Facebook)

What a fantastic day. Many thanks to angels for doing this i manage to salvage

2-medieval dresses
1-straw boater with a blue ribbon (very ST Trininans)
1-1940's hat
1-my fair lady style hat with black/white feathers shooting out from it
1-massive giant purple hat with huge purple feathers shooting from it
3 T-shirts
1 medieval headpiece
2 belts

all managed to fit in 2 50 bags. Can't wait for next year
Geraint (via Facebook)

Went there for the first time and enjoyed it so much, I can't wait for the next one. A special thank you to the staff they were all really nice and really helpful. Bought a lot of stuff and can't wait to customize them. Thx again
Neige Rancurel (via Facebook)

'Tweets' to Sale on Twitter

'Lots of lovely goodies thank you'

'Survived the sale great to see so many people queuing for cozzies in the cold'

'Trying on my haul from the Angels sale today 5 dresses,3jackets,2 tops. 50 bargain. You Snooze you loose'

'Oh my god angels customery annual sale vintage leather handbags, 60ies mens hats and and and and orgasm 40 quid I die happy now'

'Had a fantastic mornign at the Angels Sale - Got some great bargain and had a bit of a giggle'

Jo Nezumi 01 Jo Nezumi 01

Jo Nezumi: Hi, this is Jo Nezumi from via Facebook, here is a picture of my purchases from the retro sale today. Also a picture of one of the hats quickly styled in steampunk style by adding a pair of goggles - needs a touch of boot polish and a different strap on the goggles but first I need sleep!

Sarah Wong 05 Sarah Wong 06 Sarah Wong 07 Sarah Wong 05

Sarah GW Wong

Laura King 01 Laura King 02

Laura King: This is me, my friend Ali, and my sister Amy being very happy in our clothes! Love Laura x

Samira Khadraoui

Samira Khadraoui: Thanks was just amazing...I love love love my coat and all the other things I found..I'm so looking forward to the next sale. Samira

Setting up the Sale

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